Happy Spring... and Bluebirds

I needed Spring this year. Maybe a little more than most years. And it's finally here. Our little bluebird house is full of eggs. Five perfect little eggs. Spring. Thank you. 

My daughter keeps track, and logs the nest's changes on Nest Watch, a site developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It's handy having a resident ornithologist. She makes sure we all approach the nest properly, from the side. She knocks first, and then quickly unscrews the lid and we peek. We only look for a minute, and then check the area to see if we can spot the parents anywhere. The lid goes back on and we wait some more.

Soon there will be babies. Ugly, naked, disgusting babies. They will look like something from a horror show for the first few days. 

I can't wait, because to me they are going to be absolutely beautiful...